How do I protect my airsoft equipment?

So, what is it that makes a Plano box the best way to enjoy your pastime?

We’ll start with toughness. The best hobbies, like airsoft, often require having expensive and good quality equipment to allow you to perform and your best and enjoy them the most. Your replica, your pellets, your gas – you want these things to be stored safely and securely without worrying about them getting damaged or falling into the wrong hands. Products like the Pro-Max cases feature the patented PillarLock system that provides crushproof strength, high-density interlocking foam that comfortably holds delicate items inside the case, super-durable thick walled construction for unrivalled impact resistance, and padlock tabs for peace-of-mind security. All good airsoft enthusiasts know that the gear used in the sport should be stored safely and responsibly – that’s why many Plano cases feature anti-theft tabs for that additional security so you can rest easy.

But it’s not just accidental damage or theft that you need to protect your kit from, the elements can also take their toll. Chances are you spend a good amount of time cleaning and maintaining your replica after use, and you wouldn’t want that effort to go to waste, which is why many Plano storage options have been designed to keep the elements out. Products like the Plano ABS Waterproof cases feature an innovative Dr-Loc O-ring seal that ensures they are completely airtight when shut. Water, dirt, dust – they keep everything out, so you know your gear will enjoy a long life of reliability with proper care. Some models even feature a patent-pending latch with pressure release valve to ensure the airtight seal doesn’t hinder you from getting to your gear in a hurry.


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