How should I store my airsoft gear at home?

When you’re back home after an exhilarating skirmish or just some solid practice with your team, you want to be sure you can store your replica and accessories neatly and securely at home.

Protecting your kit is one thing, but for many of us, being able to store products in the most efficient way possible when not in use is very important too, especially if space is at a premium inside your home or garage. Many models in the Plano range feature moulded grooves so that multiple cases can be stacked neatly on top of each other keeping them organised. The years of expertise that Plano has in plastic moulding also means that many cases have been made with a slim and minimalist design – the Stealth Case range is a great example, designed to be compact so that they can be stored easily and discreetly. Other useful features that can be incredibly useful for home storage of airsoft products include super-strong moulded-in handles that stay reliable for pick up after pick up, optional wheels available on some trunks making moving them around easy even when heavily loaden, and high-density pluck foam for a secure and customisable fit for your products, meaning you can store things as efficiently as possible with no wasted space inside each case.


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